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Competition research Employ some form of competition research for to know how they are attracting visitors.Know their traffic sources and find out any shortcoming in your business strategy.VSAT tools We also like good free-to-use VSAT tools - here is a Google Maps based VSAT dish alignment tool which lets you see where your dish needs to point click here to use it Making the Internet more efficient We have added a You Tube video to our technical tutorials that shows how local Internet connections can be improved.NOTE re UK e-Privacy Directive: NO COOKIES are used on this site and it was last updated on January 2016 ...Macha was the lead feature on the January 2011 BBC click technology program.

Title: Afri Connect - Home Page - November 2015 Description:Afri Connect Ltd: Specialists in the provision of sustainable IT solutions, which are resilient to the remote and harsh environments in which they are deployed, and simple for customers to use and support.

So Mum can buy new shoes in the kitchen, granny can update her facebook page from the couch, and Dad can surf on his i Pad in the bath. Now our value for money is off the charts - whichever package you choose.

And to make your internet experience stress-free and uninterrupted, our coffee-fuelled Support Centre team is on call 7 days a week from 7am � 11pm. * Unlimited packages have a daytime data limit of 10GB and unlimited nights&weekends.

Living alone is silly and I need you to help me change it.

I do not mind your age as you will become part of my little business and we live and work together also from home.

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  1. They encourage everyone to help them support the community in many of their charitable causes throughout the year. RACINBOYS - Racin Boys, founded by Scott Traylor and Kirk Elliott in 2003, is an internet broadcasting company covering all forms of motor sports.