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Age play video chat

"They have to work more at getting each other's attention.

But we did see almost the same amount of social interaction with video conferencing as we saw with play in the same room." She says kids' video playdates won't be as rich or last as long unless current technology improves.

Almost exactly three months after announcing Duo back at Google I/O, Google has subtly put up a blog post stating that the new standalone video chat app is hitting the Play Store and rolling out worldwide.

If you needed a refresher on the app (it has definitely been a while), Duo is a simple person-to-person video chat app that's designed to take the fuss and hassle out of making a video call — to make it a more "human" way to communicate.

"The intensity [of the game] at recess is a little bigger because you have a short amount of time.

Yarosh said she expects video playdate products -- like cameras for the Xbox or the Wii -- to start showing up on the market relatively soon.Both of those prototypes helped the kids have more fun, she said. They were having battles," she said of two boys who took part in a research study by playing with a shared virtual space."One of the kids said, 'This is a lot of fun and it's actually better than being in the same room because we're not hurting each other.' " Yarosh says she sees video playdates as a way for friends to stay in touch when their parents can't drive them to each other's houses or to the park. It's definitely more work for the kids to be in different rooms," she said of real versus video-conference playdates.As it turns out, Ella is something of a technological trail blazer.As parents get busier and kids get more familiar with video-conferencing technology, the idea of a "video playdate" is gaining nascent acceptance in tech-enabled corners of America.

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