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Single parents dating ontario

In such situations I have simply filed completed medical forms (copied blank from other client files), and thus established a fair "date of grant". Eligibility Information The information and "verification" evidence required to accompany an application for social assistance is a broad topic.

It is critically discussed at length in its own chapter: Ch.6 "Information Eligibility" - where the main theme is that the demands of ODSP Directors for documentary evidence of entitlement go well beyond what they are legally entitled to.

When these medical forms are filed with the DAU the application is considered "complete" and will be assessed for medical eligibility.

An extensive discussion of the ODSP medical adjudication process, the PWD legal test, and related legal tactics is found in Ch.9: "Persons with a Disability". Where to Apply Persons not receiving welfare (Ontario Works) may simply approach their local ODSP (Ministry of Community and Social Services) office and request that the application process be initiated.

Agreements to Reimburse and Assignments and Directions (d) Rapid Re-Instatement How ODSP is Paid (a) To Whom is ODSP Paid (b) Time and Manner of Payment of Income Support (c) Manner of Payment (d) First Month of Income Support (e) Minimum Cheque (f) ODSP Trustees . The transfer process from being a severely handicapped child to "adult" ODSP is normally anticipated by the ODSP workers in discussion with the recipient and their family, and initiated by them. The vast majority of applicants are seeking to establish their medical status as a "person with a disability" (PWD).

Recipient Consent and Input re Fiduciary Appointment . Director's Governance Over the Fiduciary (g) Third Party Payments (h) Limits on Alienation and Execution of Income Support . These need to be reviewed carefully for retroactive payment eligibility. Application Procedure (a) Overview There are three typical routes by which people apply for ODSP: directly to the ODSP office, indirectly through the welfare (Ontario Works) office, or by "transfer" at age 18 from being a "severely handicapped child" already receiving a form of ODSP coverage (see Ch.5).

On their face these forms only purport to justify the providing of "information" by third parties to the Director.

For that reason that topic is dealt with in Ch.11, s.(2)(g): "Director Decisions: Cancellation, Suspension and Reduction Decisions: Re-Applications and Re-instatements".EI back-pay or a pending motor vehicle accident claim), the Director will likely also require that an "Agreement to Reimburse and Assignment and Direction" be executed by them.The legal effect of these documents is dicsussed further at Ch.8, s.4(c): "Asset Rules: ODSP Security Requirements: "Agreements to Reimburse" and "Assignments and Directions") [Reg s.13]. DAU Medical Package Once ODSP is satisfied with the financial and identification part of the application, they will provide the applicant with the blank "DAU medical package", which consists of the "Health Status and Activities of Daily Living Report" and medical releases (so the DAU can get medical reports if they want).As such income levels [Ch.7], asset levels [Ch.8] and other basic categorical issues [Ch.2" "Claimants", and Ch.6: "Information Eligibility"] must satisfy the eligibility requirements before a medical "package" will even be issued to the applicant.This sequence can result in prejudice to an applicant when non-medical eligibility disputes arise and the Director refuses to issue the medical "package" until they are resolved - thus delaying "completion" of the application (which in turn conditions any eventual "date of grant").

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If the applicant is unable to effectively make the application themselves (typically for mental disability reasons), a 'responsible person' may make and sign an application for them [Reg s.26(4); Act s.2 "applicant"].