Webcam phnesex

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Webcam phnesex

Then my dad needed a surgery and I ended up with both parents in the hospital. And it would be hard for anyone to believe all the things that happened in that time.

Aubrey and I won’t be doing 2 girl for a while, for the most part anyway.

I do miss sharing her with you, so I will do what I can to make it happen in time. Be sure to get a preview from me before doing your first show with me. She was so brave and strong through the painful labor and she had a beautiful baby!

I most likely won’t update until the new year, so happy holidays everyone! xoxo It has come to my attention that there is a scammer using my Skype ID, picture and website to steal money from my potential callers. Also, here is an image to help you learn how to tell that you have me when you go to add me on Skype: Not too many big things have changed since I last wrote in March, but there was one big and exciting change. I bring you this news in part to note that Aubrey and I will not be doing 2 girl for a while.

So we can only do it if the caller is looking for a very long show of cam sex (in the hour range).

Aubrey’s life has really changed since she had her baby and made the move, but we do hope to get back to full 2 girl days where we are available for long hours and can do quickies as well as the longer shows. We still get together often enough, but usually that’s “our time”, not really meant for shows.

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My couples therapist pointed out that perhaps out of context, impact won’t be so bad.